It’s Time For Josh Gordon to Find His Passion

I’m glad that the Browns’ WR Josh Gordon says that he isn’t an alcoholic or drug addict and I hope, for his sake, that is true. So what is going on with him then? Why does he keep sabotaging his career at every turn? It is hard to believe that he is as dumb as his actions make him seem.

In my opinion, I don’t think he wants to play football. I think it is as simple as that. There may or may not be deep psychological or emotional reasons for it. He may not even realize that he doesn’t want to play. Maybe he just doesn’t like the pressure to perform. Maybe he feels guilty that he made it out of his life back home, but his friends didn’t. There could be any number of reasons. But his pattern is consistant, do something stupid so they stop me from playing.

It’s a shame. He is an incredible athlete. But talent doesn’t equal passion and love for the game. If he had that, he would make sure that he did everything within his power to be on the field. Football is all Josh Gordon has ever known. Playing football is Josh Gordon’s way out. Playing football is what Josh Gordon does. Has anyone ever asked Josh Gordon if he wants to play football?

We can’t understand why he is throwing it all away because most of us would give anything to be that talented and play professional sports. But sometimes, the people who are naturally gifted don’t appreciate what they have as much as someone who has to put in twice as much effort.

Selfishly, I hope the Browns do not cut him and that in a couple of years (remember, he’s only 23) he sorts it all out and he becomes the player equal to his potential. But mostly, I hope that he sorts it all out for Josh Gordon. That he decides what he wants to do, who he wants to be, and finds his passion and love in life.

Good luck Josh. This Browns’ fan is cheering for you, even if I never see you catch a TD pass on any given Sunday ever again.


“Hurry Up and Draft Me Because I Want to Be There.”

“I want to wreck this league together.”

Manziel-green-roomThose are the words that Johnny Manziel texted to QB coach Dowell Loggains on draft day that sparked the trade up to select Johnny Football.

Damn. Those are nice words to hear from a quarterback, aren’t they?

Going back well into last season, we all heard that the whispers that the Browns were enamored with Johnny Manziel. Of course, that was with a CEO and GM who are no longer here, so when this draft rolled around, the average fan had no idea which QB was on the team’s radar.

It was Johnny all along.

I’m finding it harder and harder to not like him. He’s smart, he’s competitive, he has leadership skills, and he has what no Browns quarterback has had since Bernie Kosar – swagger. Well, Charlie Frye had the swagger, but not the talent to back it up.

I am excited to see him play, aren’t you? If he can light up the field like he did in college, then this team could make a huge leap this season.

Manziel’s presence is so strong that I can even foresee something I previously thought impossible: well-attended preseason games!

Welcome to Cleveland, Johnny Football…Now Have a Seat.

We’ve been here before, haven’t we? A quarterback picked in the first (or second or third) round, and we’re back to “life is worth living” mode.

  • Manziel_Browns

So let’s not make the same mistakes we made before: thinking the backup QB was the second coming of Otto Graham, and rushing them into action before they were ready, proving that they were NOT the second coming of Otto Graham.

This responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaches, and – gasp! – us, the fans.

Yes, the fans.

Johnny Manziel is fiery player, full of confidence, bravado, and natural ability. But he’s also a 21-yeal old kid. He needs some time to learn how to play in the NFL, get his bearings playing against faster, stronger and better opponents, and LEARN!

Let’s let him.

Unless Manziel really, really, really lights it up in training camp, this season’s QB is Brian Hoyer. Let’s let Hoyer play so Manziel can learn. And that means not calling for Manziel after Hoyer’s first sack, or interception, or whatever. Seriously, let Johnny Football be Johnny Clipboard for a while.

So please, let’s keep the “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…” chants on the shelf for a while, OK? Brian Hoyer can play, and Johnny Manziel can learn. Let’s make a break from the “throw ‘em to the wolves” strategy that we employed with Tim Couch, Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden. How well did that work out? Let the kid learn.

And now, please join me in a prayer to the patron saint of quarterback high ankle sprains: please skip your Cleveland visit this year. Instead, how about you go 134 miles to the southeast? Ask for Ben.


If The Browns’ Logo Was a Hipster

With all the talk recently about new Browns uniforms (supposedly coming in 2015), we here at WBBO (We Bleed Brown and Orange) thought it would be fun to share a fellow blogger’s post, “What If NFL Logos Were Hipsters.” You can check it out here, but for now, here is the Browns helmet, if it was a hipster:


Not too bad! At least there isn’t any silly logo on the helmet, right? We don’t need no stinkin’ logo! Just plaid.