Newsflash: Bob Costas is STILL an Idiot.

I used to like Bob Costas. I really did, but then I guess I watched one too many broadcasts where he spouted some inane fact that he delivered in his trademark, “Why-don’t-you-know-this-you-mere-mortal-and-stupid-sports-fan?” style.

Yeah, I get it, Bob. How dare I not know that Connie Mack wore the same style of straw hat as Calvin Coolidge in 1927.

Lately, though, Bob has used Sunday Night Football to deliver his preachy sermons. Let’s see, there was his rant about gun ownership and how terrible it is that the Washington football team is called the Redskins.

Bob_Costas_is_Still_an_IdiotFine. I mean, don’t we ALL depend on pompous jackass sportcasters to shape our opinions and beliefs?

But this past Sunday, Bob topped himself. He had the nerve to tell me that I should be HAPPY that a team that I freaking HATE, the Dallas Cowboys, is playing so well!

To quote Bob, “Every team sport benefits when the winning is spread around a bit, but it’s never good when the flagship franchises, the ones with national profiles, are out of the mix for a prolonged period.”

Uh, out of the mix? Then what silver and blue wearing, star-helmeted team is that I am forced to watch every Sunday afternoon because they are the national game?

More Bob: “So for a generation now, the Dallas Cowboys have been the very definition of mediocrity.”

So have the Browns, Bob! Where’s our prime-time soliloquy??

The real shocker though, is that he delivered this load of crap during the Easgle v Giants game. The Cowboys’ division rivals!! How do you think that went over on the east coast?

So please, Bob…stick to announcing Olympic bobsled events. Leave your opinions at home.


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