I Love the Bye Week, I Hate the Bye Week.

Here we are at the bye week, dammit. I mean, woohoo!

I’m conflicted. I both hate the bye week and love the bye week. But it sure came early this season, didn’t it?

Before the season started, all the Negative Nellies around town and the country believed that the only significance this bye week would hold for the Browns would be a QB change.

Everyone (wrongly) assumed that our beloved Browns would have their asses handed to them by Pittsburgh, New Orleans and Baltimore and would be 0 – 3, forcing a change at QB from Brian Hoyer to Johnny Manziel.

Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, the team played hard and could be 3 – 0 right now, but instead lost both contests in the final 6 seconds. And the Johnny Manziel talk has cooled off because Brian Hoyer has played well. Thank goodness for that. I don’t think I can handle another “quarterback controv…” Meh, I’m not even going to finish that sentence.

So, the reasons I love / hate the bye week:

Love: I will not have to go through the euphoric highs of a win.
Hate: I will not have to suffer the dysphoric lows of a loss.

Love: My voice will remain intact this week because I won’t be screaming at the TV or at the stadium.
Hate: I have no idea what I’ll do between 1p and 4p on Sunday.

Love: Injured players can rehab and come back for the next week.
Hate: Stupid stuff can happen during the bye, because it’s like a 4 day Spring Break for millionaires.

Love: I will love this week if I don’t hear a single story about Johnny Manziel and what he is doing, because I…
Hate: …the fact that what he does is of any interest to anyone. Let the guy live his life. I don’t need hourly updates of a 21-year old being a 21-year old.

Love: Being able to get some yard work done.
Hate: Yard work.

Love: Spending more time with my dogs.
Hate: Spending less time with the Dawgs.


The Only Thing Better Than Being Right is a Browns Win!!

A Few Random Thoughts (and Rants!) as the Season is Underway

Now that the team has Swagger, and actual, live dog mascot, can we get rid of Chomps, a cartoony mascot that is only surpassed in silliness by this NFL mascot:

td-dolphins-mascotHow fun was it to watch a two-headed running attack of Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell last week? Flashback to Mack and Byner. More of that, please!

The brown pants. Oh, the humanity of the brown pants. I wish I could un-see them but I can’t.

WHAT?!? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!  Yes, I am shouting, and yes, the new sound system is nice, but it is TOO LOUD in our humble seats in Section 511. We measured it at close to 120 decibels. That’s the equivalent of sandblasting or a loud rock concert. Pain is caused at 125dB.

The stadium’s food (at least in our humble seats in Section 511) does not reflect the city of Cleveland at all. With the exception of one thing: The Best Damn Mustard Available Anywhere. My house is never without a bottle of this stuff. And somehow, it always tastes better at a game.


The new scoreboards really are as good as advertised. I also like how they close the stadium and make it seem more intimate, and custom, as opposed to the cookie-cutter bowl it was.

Closing the pedestrian bridges? WTF? Seriously? Restricting our routes to West 3rd and East 9th so that there can be rock climbing walls and ziplines along the street? This is a football game, not Disneyland!! If you need ziplines and rock bands to want to attend a football game, then you should just stay at home.

Tonight’s Thursday Night Football, Ravens vs. Steelers. Is there a way they can both lose?

OK, that’s enough of my rants for now. Do you have any?