The Birth of a Blog

Every birth is preceded by labor, and for us, this blog is a labor of love. Or therapy. Probably both.

We Bleed Brown and Orange is about the passion, the pain, and the lighter side of Cleveland Browns fandom.

There are a lot of great blogs that do an incredible job reporting Browns news, but we want to write about the experience of being a Browns fan. The passion, the pain. Consider it a support group for fans of the burnt orange and seal brown.

So, with that, here is our birth announcement:

It’s a Blog!

We have the pleasure of announcing the birth of a blog,
A little website dedicated to everything Dawg.

Browns fans we are, and we feel your pain,
Because this team is such a runaway train.

We live for the Browns, we are not fairweather,
And we’re writing this blog, because we’re all in this together.

We’ll write, and cheer, and dream of that pie in the sky,
The Browns in the Super Bowl, just once before we die.

We Bleed Brown and Orange
Born January 28th, 2014
1024 pixels wide, weighing 2 MB

Welcome to the world, little blog. It’s a frightening place, filled with scary things like spiders, and nail fungus, and flesh-eating bacteria, and Google, and clowns, and worst of all: Steelers fans.

Welcome to We Bleed Brown and Orange. We hope you enjoy your stay. Go Browns!